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Let's Change Your Roller Coaster Ride To a Magic Carpet Ride!

We've all heard we each have our own road to travel, but at times we can get lost, stuck or reach a dead end. Whether you're in tremendous pain or looking for insight and direction...

Awaken and Live! Can Assist You.

Spiritual Healing

Trans-Personal Counseling
Past Llife Regression
Soul Retrieval
Healing Circles

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Sometimes it takes more than being a 'therapy' couch potato.

Healing Hands

Sometimes it takes more than words:

Therapeutic Touch
Magnified Healing

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Call it what you will - it all comes down to universal healing energy

Pet therapy available

Sports Psychology Consultant

Not Just For Athletes!
(We're all in training!)

Mental Skills Training
Recovery From Trauma
Guided Imagery

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We're all born to be winners!

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